IT Projects

Patriots Park Public Wi-Fi Installation (2020)

Free public Wi-Fi was installed in the Kings Mountain Patriots Park.  This in addition to other upgrades to the park have created a great place for our citizens to enjoy.

Park WiFi

Redundancy & Virtualization (2015)

The City of Kings Mountain virtualized the majority of our servers and was selected by a technology vendor (Katalyst) to highlight our use of technology along with their services in a customer spotlight video.

Fiber Optic Network Installation (2012)

fiber install

A fiber optic loop was installed in Kings Mountain that is owned and operated by The City. This project was a collaboration between the Energy Services Department and the Information Technology Department to reduce The Cities cost in providing communication between city buildings and utility infrastructure. It has not only reduced cost but also allowed us to operate at a much higher speed and with a higher availability.

The city now offers leasing of our surplus "dark fibers" to our industrial and commercial customers. A "dark fiber" is one that does not provide any service, only a high speed highway for connectivity. Dark fiber can be used for building to building connectivity, last mile (referring to the portion of the telecommunications network chain that physically reaches from the carrier to the customer premises), or even to connect to our newest offering, off-site rack space in our data center.

We have installed an extremely reliable fiber network that we are excited to offer to our large businesses and industrial customers. For more information or questions regarding leasing any dark fibers in our area, please call and ask for the Energy Services Director or the Information Technology Director. Please see our Energy Services page for photos, contact information, and additional information about this project.

NOC (Network Operations Center) (2011-12)

The IT Department designed and constructed a Primary and Secondary NOC to facilitate city fiber optic access panels, network equipment, city servers, SCADA systems, and radio equipment.

Networking Equipment