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2009 ~ 2019

10 Year Anniversary being designated as a North Carolina Main Street America Program participant!

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“The mission of the Kings Mountain Main Street Program is to continue to develop the Downtown area into a thriving and energetic commercial, social, cultural, and entertainment destination while enhancing and preserving its historic character and aesthetic beauty through the coordinated efforts of both the public and private sectors.”

Downtown Kings Mountain Economic Positioning/Vision Forum 2019
​Wednesday, September 25, 2019
​Location: Mauney Library Meeting Room
​         5:30 p.m. – Reception, Light Refreshments
​         6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Forum/Workshop

​ Kings Mountain Main Street program is seeking input into revising the current Kings Mountain Main Street economic positioning statement/vision for the next five years. This forum will consider the previous planning from April/May of 2018 regarding streetscape design plans but will include the Four-Points of the Main Street program: Organization, Promotion, Economic Vitality and Design facilitated by NC Main Street & Rural Planning Center staff.

​• Participants will work in small groups to determine:
​• What are the community assets that draw people to the community?
​• What are downtown’s assets? • What are downtown’s challenges?
​• What should downtown focus on for the next five years?
​• Who are the stakeholders and the partners who can help implement the economic position/vision for the downtown district?
​• Outcome: Participants will be instrumental in determining the best economic development strategies to forge a single economic position or vision for downtown over the next five years that will serve as a guide for the Main Street Advisory Board in developing their plan of work.

​ Register to Participate by 9/20/2019
​Susan Matheson at
​ 704-730-2197 (office)

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In March/April 2018, the Main Street program partnered with N-Focus Planning to develop a new vision for Kings Mountain's downtown. N-Focus interviewed business and property owners, held community meetings, and surveyed the downtown on foot.

Plan Documents

The result of that research are four documents that lay out a vision for the downtown and offer steps toward implementing that vision.

The North Carolina Main Street program works to enrich communities by developing economically flourishing downtowns. 

NC Main Street Program Mission:

The NC Main Street & Rural Planning Center works in regions, counties, cities, towns, downtown districts and in designated North Carolina Main Street communities, to inspire placemaking through building asset-based economic development strategies that achieve measurable results such as investment, business growth, and jobs.

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About NC Main Street

NC Main Street is a Main Street America™ Coordinating Program. Main Street America™ has helped revitalize older and historic commercial districts for more than 35 years.  Today it is a network of more than 1,600 neighborhoods and communities who share both a commitment to place and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.

The NC Main Street and Rural Planning Center is charged by the NC Department of Commerce to facilitate downtown economic development, using the Main Street America Four Point Approach.  NC Main Street staff provide strategic downtown economic development planning, technical assistance, program guidance, education and training that achieves measurable results, including investment, business development, and job growth.  In addition to helping communities implement the Main Street Four Point Approach, NC Main Street holds an annual three-day conference, open to anyone interested in downtown revitalization.

The NC Main Street program assists selected communities across the state in restoring economic vitality to their historic downtown.