Economic Vitality Committee

The job of the Economic Vitality Committee is to identify new market opportunities for the traditional commercial district, find new uses for historic commercial buildings, and stimulate investment in property. The EV Committee must develop a thorough understanding of the district's economic condition and its best opportunities, focusing on incremental changes that gradually improve the area's economic foundation and eventually make large-scale investment possible. 

The EV Committee meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 8a.m. at City Hall.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 19, 2019 at 7:59 a.m. at the City Hall.
EV Committee Role

Name Title Role
Bill Cooper Member Business Owner
Jackie Falls Member Business/Property Owner
David Faunce Member Business/Property Owner
Sandra Jenkins Member Committee Secretary
Brenda Lovelace Member Retired Financial Advisor
Steve Padgett Member Cleveland Community College Small Business Center
Stuart Gilbert Chair Community Planning & Economic Dev Director