Business Verification and Safety Inspection

The City of Kings Mountain enforces a Unified Development Ordinance which regulates commercial activities, including the displaying of signs. New businesses must completes a New Business Verification Form. New businesses locating in an existing building formerly occupied by a similar type of business should generally not encounter a zoning problem. But change to a new use in a building may affect a new business in many ways. The proposed use may not be permitted in the zoning district, or may be restricted by other requirements.

Changing a building to a "higher intensity" use (such as office to retail, or retail to restaurant) may necessitate additional parking, public rest rooms, or handicapped accessibility. It may also result in an additional sewer connection fee. Remodelling beyond ordinary leaseholder improvements (such as new carpet or shelves) may require both a Zoning Certificate and a Building Permit. Change in ownership in a restaurant may require an upgrade of kitchen equipment by the Cleveland County Health Department.

 Some uses, including restaurants in existing buildings, as well as all new commercial construction are permitted only upon issuance of a Special Use Permit by the Zoning Board, in addition to a Zoning Certificate and Building Permit.

You may apply for a New Business Verification , click here