What is Annexation?

Annexation is the methodical extension of a city's boundaries into adjacent unincorporated areas, and the corresponding extension of that city's services to the areas encompassed by the new boundaries. In North Carolina, annexation is governed by state laws and statutes that allow cities and towns to annex adjacent areas under certain specific circumstances. There are two types of annexation: city-initiated and voluntary. City-initiated annexations can occur when an unincorporated area contains certain urban development characteristics (population density, subdivision of land into smaller lots, development intensity). Voluntary annexations can take place after the owner of unincorporated property petitions City Council for annexation.

Why is Annexation Beneficial to the City of Kings Mountain and its citizens?

Annexation has enabled Kings Mountain  to avoid many problems other cities and metropolitan areas have experienced. If the City did not have the ability to expand its limits, ultimately it would find itself surrounded by significant amounts of developed area outside the city that would not participate financially in meeting the needs of the total urban community. Meanwhile, Kings Mountain residents and property owners would find themselves disproportionately responsible for funding both the local and more regional service and facilities needs of the community typically provided by the City.

Through annexation, the tax base of the larger urban area is available to meet the needs of the urban area. Additionally, the City of Kings Mountain can offer public services in an efficient, consistent, equitable, and cost-effective manner, bringing high quality and low cost services to citizens businesses and property owners. The residents and property owners of newly annexed areas benefit from having improved fire protection, municipal traffic management and street maintenance, street lights, availability of basic water and sewer facilities, solid waste (garbage) collection, gas, fiber and other standard municipal services which the City of Kings Mountain  provides.

To apply for annexation :