Garbage & Recycling


Each residence inside the city limits is provided with one 95 gallon Green roll-out container for garbage, and one 95 gallon Blue roll-out container for recycling. These containers are the property of the City of Kings Mountain and are assigned to a specific residence. Additional containers may be purchased at cost from the city. Replacements for stolen containers may be purchased at cost from the city.


Residential Garbage

Household trash is picked up Monday through Thursday each week on a scheduled route. Only bagged household trash should be put in your rollout container.  Additional trash requiring pickup must be scheduled by paying a $20.00/trip fee, or may be held by the resident for the regularly scheduled pickup the following week.  No additional items, bags or boxes will be picked up without scheduling the pickup by going to Public Works, paying the appropriate fee, and receiving a receipt.  The collection will be entered into the work order system and scheduled for pickup.  NO Refunds will be issued.   

Residential Recycling Program

Household recycling is picked up Monday through Friday on a ten (10) route, every-other week, schedule. The single stream program is designed to make it easy for every citizen to participate. Paper, cardboard, plastics #1, 2 &5, metal cans and aluminum recyclables should be placed un-bagged in the container and rolled to the curb on your day of pick-up. Cardboard boxes which will not fit inside the recycle can may be placed at the curb slightly away from the recycle can on the day of pickup.  A copy of the Recycling brochure is available below.


Only the materials mentioned above are recyclable.  Non-recyclable items now include but are not limited to: Glass, Plastics #3, 4, 6 & 7, Pizza boxes or any other cardboard with grease or food residue,  Plastic bags including grocery bags, the lids from plastic bottles, shredded paper, Styrofoam, waxed cardboard, and plastic take-out containers. 


Commercial/Industrial Customers inside the City Limits of Kings Mountain are required to use the City Sanitation Department for their trash pick-up.

Commercial/Industrial Garbage

95 gallon roll-out containers for Garbage are available at cost and would be picked up each week with the nearest residential route.  Commercial Dumpsters are also available in 6 yard and 8 yard capacities and would be picked-up on the customers requested schedule.  Call the Public Works office for pricing or see the City Web Page under Billing Department / Billing Rates / Landfill Rates. Commercial dumpsters are for trash and garbage only and are not to be used for any materials resulting from an industrial or manufacturing process.  

White goods, furniture and bulk items will be picked up for a fee of $20.00/trip using a 1/2 ton pickup truck.  For pickup requests larger than a 1/2 ton pickup truck, a 1.5 ton (3 cubic yard) dumpster bag can be purchased for a fee of $86.00.  This fee covers landfill fees, cost of the bag, and labor for one operator and one laborer to collect the bag.   To schedule a collection you must go to the Public Works Office, pay the fee and receive a receipt.  The collection will be entered into the work order system and scheduled for pickup the following day.  NO refunds will be issued. 

Commercial/Industrial Recycling Program

95 gallon roll-out containers for Recycling are available to our Commercial/Industrial Customers.  Our recycling is a single stream program and is designed for easy participation.  Paper, plastics #'s 1, 2, & 5, metal cans and aluminum recyclables should be placed unbagged in the container and rolled to the curb or an easily accessible area for bi-weekly pickup.

Glass and Plastics #3,4,6 & 7 are no longer accepted.

Contact the Public Works Department with any questions you have about recycling or trash collection.