Stormwater & Street Departments

Doing Our Part:
 The City Stormwater Department monitors the weather from at least two different weather forecasting sources including NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

At the prediction of Winter Weather, the Stormwater Department will begin by using Brine (a precise mixture of salt and water) on the City maintained streets, 24 to 48 hours before the winter weather event is expected to begin.  Brine usage keeps ice and/or snow from bonding to street surface making the job of the snow plows much easier and efficient.  In the event of significant accumulation the City would begin using snow plows and salt spreaders to keep the City maintained streets passable. 

If the winter weather event begins with rain, the brine step would be skipped because the brine would be washed off of the streets before the lowering temperatures could cause ice to form.   

Doing Your Part:

At the prediction of Winter Weather please be sure to remove any obstacles such as basketball goals, vehicles, etc. from the roadway.  This will allow us to spread the brine and plow snow without damage to personal property or to our vehicles.  This also keeps citizens from being injured trying to move these items after snow and/or ice has already formed.

Traffic Calming Policy

Click here for the traffic calming policy (PDF)

Pot Holes

The street department is responsible for the repair of pot holes on all City Maintained streets inside the City Limits of Kings Mountain.  Pot holes on State Roads or on Private roads are not the responsibility of the City Street Department.

Utility Cuts

Utility Cuts made by City Utility Departments (Gas, Water, Electric and Stormwater) will be reported to the City Street Department Supervisor who will then provide the address and information to our Paving Contractor.  In most cases a utility cut will be filled first with dirt and gravel and allowed to settle prior to being patched with asphalt.

State Roads

The following is a list of State Roads inside the City Limits of Kings Mountain.  Any issues on these roads should be reported to the NCDOT (Cleveland County 980-552-4140 or Gaston County 907-922-8901).

  • Kings Street (Business 74)
  •  Shelby Road (Business 74)
  •  Cleveland Avenue (Hwy 161)
  •  York Road (Hwy 161)
  •  North Piedmont from the Depot north (Hwy 216)
  •  North and South Battleground Ave (Hwy 216)
  •  Phifer Road
  •  Margrace Road
  •  Waco Road (from Walker St West)
  •  N. Cansler Street (from City Limits North)
  •  2nd Street
  •  Benfield Road
  • Linwood Road (from Manor Drive East to the Dead End)
  • Canterbury Road 
  •  Vance Street
  •  Shady Oak Street
  •  Edison Street
  • Kings Road
  •  J.E. Herndon Road
  •  Broadview Street
  •  Lake Montonia Road
  •  Gold Mine School Road
  •  Curry Road
  •  Tabernacle Drive
  •  Pat Drive
  •  Lewis Curry Road
  •  Mountain Crest Drive
  •  Bibleway Church Road
  •  Whipporwill Lane
  •  Wildwood Drive
  •  Stoneymead Drive
  •  George Lewis Road
  •  Kings Mountain Blvd.
  •  Galilee Church Road
  •  Holiday Inn Drive
  •  Quality Lane
  •  Industrial Drive
  •  Quarry Road
  1. Public Works

    Physical Address
    1013 N Piedmont Avenue
    Kings Mountain, NC 28086

    Fax: 704-730-2106