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What is stormwater?

Stormwater runoff is rainwater that flows over land and directly into local creeks and larger waterways. Stormwater runoff is not treated and is the #1 source of surface water pollution. Stormwater pollution finds its way into where we fish, where we swim, and what we drink. Everything that goes into our storm drainage system (pet waste, grass clippings, fertilizer, pesticides, litter, heavy metals, etc.) makes its way straight to waterways like creeks, rivers, and oceans. 

Stormwater pollution is our biggest source of water pollution. It all adds up. It all comes back. You are the solution to stormwater pollution!

Where does water go?

The wastewater treatment system, also known as the sanitary sewer system, routes wastewater from houses and buildings, to the wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater is treated and cleaned before being discharged. Think of this as the "brush and flush" system.

The storm drainage system transports stormwater runoff from streets and property directly into waterways. The storm drainage system includes streets, storm drains, drainage ditches, pipes, culverts, retention ponds, wetlands, creeks, etc. Remember, stormwater runoff is not treated!  

What is an impervious surface?

An impervious surface is any surface that water cannot soak into such as a driveway, street, or rooftop. More impervious surface in a watershed causes more polluted stormwater runoff.

How can I schedule a speaker?

Call 704-734-4501 to schedule a stormwater education speaker for your community group.