John H. Moss Reservoir Commission

About the Commission:
The Reservoir Commission is an advisory committee that recommends annual budgets for the Moss Lake operation, rules for the recreational use of the lake, appropriate fee schedules for the recreational uses, and additional policies relating to environmental conditions and uses of property adjoining the reservoir itself.  


Meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of every month.
Citizens Center
1013 N. Piedmont Avenue
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Agenda & Minutes:

Click here to view the agenda and  minutes for the John H. Moss Reservoir Commission


Terms for all boards and commissions are limited to a maximum of 3 years.
Member Name Position Term Serving Term Expires
Albert Petty Chairman Sixth 6/30/2024
Trip Boinest  Member Second  6/30/2024
Shaun Murphy  Member Second  6/30/2025
Woody Edwards Member First 6/30/2026
David Leonard Member Second  6/30/2025
Russell Wingfield Member Seventh 6/30/2025
Thomas Tindal
Member First 6/30/2026